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Raven Industries 


RPE and RPP is typically prefabricated and accordion folded for easy deployment on site. It is then welded using a fusion welder by our IAGI certified technicians.

RPE Installation Guide

Reinforced polyethylene is an ideal choice for exposed liner applications such as wastewater treatment and produced water pits.  The reinforcing scrim gives it excellent puncture resistance and durablitly.   

As with most flexible liners, RPE can be factory fabricated into custom sized panels and is available in 30, 36, and 45 mil thithinckenss.  By pre-fabricating panels to tailor fit a project, we can greatly reduce the amount of field welding which decreases installation time while increasing the quality of the end system.



Wastewater Lagoons
Oil/Gas Pits
Decorative Ponds
Mine Waste
Secondary Containment
Floating Baffle Curtains
Floating Covers